I was 60 when I was diagnosed with cancer. Since that time I struggled with bladder infection for long periods of time. When it became too much to bear, I saw my local GP and went through a series of expensive antibiotics. This only relieved the pain for short intervals. My GP also warned me that traces of blood were detected in my urine. My daughter introduced me to DMannose. This product was easy to consume and I was amazed at how quickly it had an effect. I experienced no side effects; the traces of blood in my urine disappeared and I can now say with confidence, that my bladder infection is under control.

- Thys (Strand, South Africa)     
At the age of 23, having just married and working as a teacher of primary school children, the last thing you need on your "to do" list is "see an urologist" because you suspect you have a serious urinary tract infection. I had already completed a course of antibiotics prescribed by my GP, which did not work. The urologist ran some tests and confirmed an E.coli bacterial infection. A stronger antibiotic, increased water intake and even the avoidance of spicy foods did not do the trick and six months later I contracted another bad urinary tract infection, experiencing lower back and kidney pain, extreme cold sweats, frequent burning and bad-smelling urination, cramping and fever. Eventually I was hospitalised and had to undergo a urinary scope and scan. After receiving the "all clear" I was placed on a longer, stronger dose of antibiotics. Later that year, on Christmas Eve, I was rushed back to hospital because my symptoms had returned. By this time my body had developed resistance to most antibiotics and only a few worked. I was now officially a chronic UTI-sufferer. My husband and I went ahead with our plans to move to the UK but only ten days after arriving here I contracted another infection. Luckily, in that same week, I read a magazine article on DMannose. It sounded too good to be true, but by this time I was willing to try anything. We found the product in a health shop and I started taking it immediately. What a pleasant surprise to find that it actually worked! It flushed away all the E.coli and today I don't travel anywhere without it. I can definitely say that this product has increased my quality of life and I am extremely thankful I found it.

- Christelle (United Kingdom)     

I struggled with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) for many years, but it was most prevalent during my pregnancies. My gynaecologist's options were not only limited, but ineffective. After repeated visits to my doctor, having urine samples tested at the lab and taking numerous doses of antibiotics without experiencing sustainable relief, I was desperate for an effective alternative. I was introduced to DMannose, a white sugary powder which can be taken with water, tea or fruit juice. The fact that it is safe for pregnant woman, children and babies made me very optimistic about the product. I was amazed at the results. I felt relief within an hour of taking my first dose. I used the product for the rest of the week and enjoyed a pain-free pregnancy thereafter. After my baby's birth (our second daughter), I continued to take DMannose to maintain bladder health, conveniently adding it to my berry juice supplement, which I drank daily while breast feeding. When my baby became fussy and woke frequently in apparent discomfort, I was told by the clinic sister that UTI is one of the most undiagnosed problems experienced by babies. I immediately added DMannose to her bottle and her untimely crying stopped. At the same time I had started potty training my older daughter who was susceptible to E-Coli bacteria and experienced the pain and discomfort of UTI. Due to its sweet taste, she eagerly drank the DMannose and water solution and also experienced quick relief. DMannose has truly been a wonderful cure for our family and I always keep two bottles in my medicine cabinet: one for use in our home and the second to give to friends or family who suffer from the excruciating pain of UTI. It really works!

- Erika (Pretoria, South Africa)     
My three-year-old daughter struggled constantly with urinary tract infection (UTI), but my friends kept telling me that it was common in little girls. When my husband's aunt (who is the mother of four boys and three girls) visited us one day I decided to ask her for advice. She said her children never experienced bladder- or urinary tract infections because she gave them a natural product that cleanses and heals the bladder from the inside. It's a great way to prevent the frequent necessity for antibiotics, she said, and assured me that product was completely safe to use, even for pregnant women. I wrote down the contact details she provided for the "DMannose lady". The next day I visited with a friend. She was five months pregnant and had already completed four courses of antibiotics for UTI. She was tired of the constant need for antibiotics. I told her about DMannose. Later when I phoned the "DMannose lady" to order the product for my little girl I mentioned that she might receive an order from a friend of mine. When I told her my friend's name she replied that she had already ordered the product three days earlier, and had phoned again the following day to place another order for a friend. I was impressed with the feedback received from my friends who began to use DMannose. They all said they felt improvement within an hour of taking the first dose. I have also noticed a remarkable improvement in my little girl's bladder health since I started giving her DMannose. I always know something is brewing when she says: "Mommy, please give me that 'medicine juice' because my tummy hurts." This way I keep her bladder naturally healthy and for that I am extremely grateful.

- Tam (Bapsfontein, South Africa)   


For several years I suffered from recurring bladder and urinary tract infections (UTI). The pattern was almost always the same: I would start to feel a very slight burning sensation while urinating, and within an hour it would become so unbearable and painful that I couldn't focus on anything else. I no longer bothered to take over-the-counter medication, as I knew from past experience that it wouldn't alleviate any of the symptoms. I would make an emergency appointment with my GP, and end up with a prescription of antibiotics. Each year I was diagnosed with UTI three or four times, and my GP eventually recommended that I consider seeing an urologist (which I really did not want to do). During my second pregnancy I was admitted to hospital with UTI and was in so much pain that early onset labour became a real threat, which put my baby at risk. But after using DMannose for about a year, my life has changed. I haven't experienced any of the symptoms that were previously so familiar to me and haven't been to the doctor once for UTI. As soon as I feel the slightest burning sensation, I simply have a cup of tea or glass of water with a teaspoon of DMannose, and the symptoms always disappear. I then have another teaspoon later in the day or the next morning, just to be sure, and that's all. I even give it to my five-year-old daughter, who sometimes complains that her urine burns, and after half a teaspoon once or twice her symptoms also disappear. I can really recommend DMannose to anyone who suffers from bladder- or urinary tract infection. It has transformed my life!

- Petro (Moreletapark, South Africa)     
I was looking forward to spending time with friends we had invited over for dinner one evening, but was feeling quite ill from constant abdominal pain and suspected cystitis. I knew that I would probably not make good company that night, but the food was cooked and the table set, so I quickly drank some painkillers in the hope that they would alleviate the pain (and help me be a better hostess). The medication didn't help - I still felt awful. Two hours later, while making coffee in the kitchen I confided in my friend that I wasn't feeling well. I knew she'd understand because she was pregnant at the time and suffered frequently from urinary tract infection (UTI). She went over to her husband, whispered something in his ear, and off he went - home to fetch her bottle of DMannose. Later, as my friend stirred the powder into a little water for me, she commented that she wouldn't be surprised if I felt much better within the hour. She related how DMannose had changed her life after numerous prescribed treatments had provided no relief. As the product was safe for pregnant women and babies, I was willing to give it a try. My friend was right; I began to feel better within an hour of drinking the solution (indeed, closer to 20 minutes) and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening with our guests. I immediately ordered a bottle of DMannose. My small daughter was prone to almost monthly UTI and our house doctor had advised that she see a specialist, as the maximum allowable occurrences of UTIs for one person is three times a year. My daughter would wake up many nights in pain, crying uncontrollably and holding her tummy. It was always heartbreaking to wipe away her tears and hold her hand as she struggled to urinate. I would give her medicine, knowing that a long stretch of medication and pain still lay ahead of her. One night when she woke up I gave her DMannose immediately. Surprisingly, the next day she didn't complain of any pain, but I continued to give her the recommended dosage for five more days, and then decided to have her tested by the doctor. Her urine was completely clear of any infection. I couldn't remember when last I had received such good news from our doctor. In the end, we didn't have to consult a specialist and now I always keep a bottle of DMannose handy. Needless to say, my daughter's quality of life has improved considerably.

- Keren (Kathu, South Africa)     
If you are in any pain whatsoever and feel at your wits end, you must try DMannose - it is truly the best and most simple thing I have done to stop my suffering. You have to give it a go!!

- Amber (Australia)   


I suffered from chronic bladder infections for almost 5 years. I had tried every antibiotic imaginable, and (I thought) everything the alternative health practitioners had to offer as well. When someone told me about DMannose, I thought "yeah, right", but anything was worth a shot. So I bought some. Within hours, my symptoms were gone. I am now infection free, antibiotic free, and yeast infection free. DMannose is awesome. I wish someone had told me about it five years ago.

- Lana Graves Mississippi (USA)  


I'd never had these infections before and they suddenly occurred, every four weeks for the last 7 months. I am a healthy 34 year old woman and could not explain it. Since I took my first dose of DMannose (and daily thereafter) I haven't even had the slightest twinge or irritation. There have been no symptoms whatsoever.

- Elizabeth (Australia)     

Wow, thanks! You guys don't mess around when it comes to service! Indeed a pleasure doing business with you.

- Banie (Nigel, South Africa)     


Thanks for dispatching my order so efficiently. I have definitely found the product beneficial. I have been taking it regularly to make sure that there are no bacteria hiding that can be flushed out. Also, if I feel the slightest sensation that something may be brewing, I take DMannose and the symptoms go away. Just for good measure, I have ordered the larger quantity so that I won't be without it at any time.

Thanks once again for your help. I will start marketing your product by word of mouth and help build a client base in KZN.

- Beverley (Amanzimtoti, South Africa)  


DMannose is an awesome product. From the first day that I used it, I could feel that the pain I had for so long was completely gone. I'm feeling great! I will be ordering another one soon so that I always have it and will also recommend it to my friends.

Thank you for the good service. I will gladly do do business with you again.

- Lebo (Johannesburg, South Africa)     
I have been taking 2g DMannose four times a day and saw my doctor today. Finally everything is sterile and there is no infection - the first time in months!! I am going to stick to this dose for another week and then slowly drop a dose until I am on the maintenance dose and infection free. My doctor asked me to retest in two weeks and he is quite taken aback by this simple sugar that is helping me where the antibiotics didn't.It feels so great to feel like there is hope! Thanks SO much!

- Michelle (South Africa)     


Thank you very much for this excellent product. I have been suffering with recurring bladder infections for approximately four years. Doctors usually prescribed antibiotics which only helped for a little while. I dreaded travelling long distances, and usually didn't drink anything if I knew I was going to travel. This past long weekend, I undertook a trip to Cape Town, some 19 hours away from where I live. I did not find the need for frequent visits to the toilet and my husband even commented and wanted to know why I was not making the usual pit stops along the way. I take half a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water, twice a day. I am very happy with the results. Thank you once again!

- Narina (Ixopo, KZN, South Africa)     
Wow, what a product! I have been battling for months (in fact for years) with chronic bladder infections. I have been from doctors to specialists; have taken many antibiotics with no cure. Out of desperation I googled "bladder infections" and read up about DMannose. I bought the product and started using it. Wow, within 24 hours I had instant relief. What a turn-around for me! I can finally say that I have found the cure. I can absolutely recommend it to anyone who is battling with chronic bladder infections. Thanks to DMANNOSE!!!

- Wanda (Sandton, South Africa)