If you are a woman and you have an unexplained lower back pain, you might be suffering from a . The condition is more correctly known as urinary tract infection. If it occurs in the lower part of the urinary tract, it is also called bladder infection.

Women are more likely to suffer from the condition. The reason is purely physiological. The urethra is shorter and closer to the anal opening. It is mostly caused by infection by several types of bacteria including E coli. The risk of contracting the infection is higher in sexually active women. In older women the risk is increased because of the lower occurrence of vaginal flora, caused by lower levels of oestrogen being produced.

It is also more likely in a pregnant woman. Pregnancy hormones create imbalances in the body and the infection can be the result.

One significant indicator of the presence of urinary infection, is a burning sensation when urinating. Another symptom is the urge to urinate often when no other medical condition is present. The level of pain can vary from mild discomfort to severe pain.

In a healthy person the infection can clear up within six days.  A course of antibiotics is prescribed by the doctor. The risks associated with the use of antibiotics for the treatment of a are related to resistance of the bacteria to the treatment.

In young children the primary symptom of urinary infection is a fever. It can effect both genders at this age. The cause needs to be established with a culture grown from a urine sample.

Both genders can be suffering from the infection as adults. The risk for men increases with age but there are other contributing factors, especially in the elderly.

Treatment in adults can be prescribed based on the symptoms. Some patients may not exhibit the symptoms and a culture needs to be grown to determine the cause.

In all cases the recommended treatment is antibiotics. The use of alternative treatments, such as cranberry juice, have been shown to have minimal impact in either the prevention or treatment of a . Other alternative treatments are far more effective than cranberry juice. Speak to your doctor about alternative forms of treatment for urinary tract infections.